Sunday, February 26, 2012

Politics At It's Worst Starring Bill Thompson And John Liu.

The question begs, For the trillions who make this reform minded commentator the undisputed leader in the politics of Brooklyn.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator has returned once again with a look at "Politics at it's Worst" starring former "Democrook", I mean Democrat City Comptroller, Bill Thompson, and current embattled, "Democrook", I mean Democrat City Comptroller John Liu.

The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman for taxpayers this is indeed "Politics at it's Worst".

The question begs, From

"New York City’s current and former controllers, John Liu and Bill Thompson, are united in attempting to dodge their responsibilities to taxpayers through every manner of legal maneuvering."

The question begs, Truly "Despicable".

"Both men plastered the city with thousands of illegal campaign posters during their 2009 election campaigns.
The Sanitation Department ripped down the placards and issued $75 summonses for each one."
The question begs, That's an awful lot of "cold-cash" in fines this reform minded commentator points out.
"We’re talking big money. Liu’s 7,032 signs carried $527,400 in fines, while Thompson’s 8,163 placards tallied to $612,225.
When the department attempted to collect, Liu and Thompson had their lawyers present hair-splitting defenses to the Environmental Control Board."
The question begs, Code word for anything to avoid paying "cold-cash".
"While never denying that their campaigns had hung the signs, they said the tickets should be dismissed because the department had hand-delivered the summonses rather than sending them by certified mail, or had sent them to the right address but to the wrong name, or hadn’t tied every ticket to an individual officer, and so on and so forth."
The question begs, What Bill Thompson and John Liu are really saying is "We don't want to give up any cold-cash we raised, the unions won't bail us, and we don't have any more lucky $800 donors either."
"Last week, they attempted to further gum up the works. Liu filed an appeal alleging, among other things, that Mayor Bloomberg was out to get him. And Thompson’s lawyer won a postponement until the end of March after losing with the evil-Bloomberg tactic but winning on needing time to study thousands of records."
The question begs, "Desperate" times call for "Desperate" measures.
"Liu and Thompson are taking weaseldom to new heights. Using taxpayer-funded campaign money, they each violated the law.
There’s no doubt about it, and there’s no question that Liu and Thompson should pay up, just as ordinary New Yorkers must when they get tickets."
The question begs, Which is why this reform minded commentator demands former "Democrook", I mean Democrat City Comptroller, Bill Thompson, and current embattled "Democrook", I mean Democrat City Comptroller John Liu should pay the "fines" for the "laws" they "broke" for the sake of tax-payers they failed to represent, or they should do the "time".
The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken.


  1. That's a lot of "cold-cash" to avoid.

    Taxpayers would be better of if Billy and Johnny pay there "cold-cash" for the laws they broke.

    Truth spoken.

  2. Over $1 million dollars in fines brought to you by Bill Thompson, and John Liu.

    Politics at it's worst indeed.

  3. Weren't these two "buffoons" supposed to be the defenders of the taxpayers of our city?

    Truly pathetic.

  4. Have they paid up yet?