Monday, February 6, 2012

Breaking News: Lew Fidler Supporter David Weprin Blames Orthodox Jewish Community For Loss Putting Lew Fidler In Another Quandary.

The question begs, For the trillions who make this reform minded commentator the undisputed leader in the politics of Brooklyn.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator has returned once again with a look at one of Mill Basin-Sheepshead Bay City Councilman "Yokozuna" Lew Fidler's "Supporters" thankfully ex-Brooklyn congressional candidate "Pinocchio" David Weprin putting Lew Fidler in yet another "Quandary".

The question begs, Let's take a look at some of the highlights because this reform minded commentator likes to do things in the public, by the public, and for the public.

The question begs, From

"In an exclusive interview with, NYS Assemblyman David Weprin says that loud mouth “dissidents” and vocal “trouble makers” in the Orthodox Community distorted his record and statements, and thus undercut his chances in the NY9 Special Election."

The question begs, This reform minded commentator wonders does thankfully ex-Brooklyn congressional candidate "Pinocchio" David Weprin blame the "Entire" Orthodox community for his loss since on this side of the 9th Congressional district, David Weprin was "Overwhelmingly" rejected.

The question begs, No wonder Lew Fidler counts David Weprin as one of his "biggest" supporters when Fidler himself did this recently....

The question begs, From

"Brooklyn state Senate candidates are trading punches over charges by Democrat Lew Fidler that Republican David Storobin has ties to racist groups.

Fidler said Storobin (pictured) “is busy scrubbing what little history he has because he’s embarrassed about his ties to skinheads and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups” in a video (watch it after the jump) on the blog Sheepshead Bites -- a charge Storobin calls offensive.

This is nothing but an assault and a slander,” said Storobin, who said his family fled the Soviet Union due to anti-Semitism. “There’s nothing extremist about me, there’s nothing anti-Semitic about me, and there’s certainly nothing neo-Nazi skinhead about me.”
Storobin is holding a press conference Tuesday to rebut the charges, and he's bringing his rabbi to back him up: “It’s the most outrageous thing I ever heard,” said Rabbi Mordechai Tokarsky."

The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman in one corner David Weprin blames the "Orthodox" community, in the other Lew Fidler claims a Jewish man David Storobin is a "Neo-Nazi".
The question begs, David Weprin and Lew Fidler the most "Hateful", "Despicable", and "Morally Bankrupt" candidates to ever run in Brooklyn history.
The question begs, Yet another "Quandray" for Mill Basin-Sheepshead Bay City Councilman "Yokozuna" Lew Fidler.
The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken.


  1. Lew Fidler and David Weprin are as despicable as they come.

    No wonder Fidler counts Weprin as one of his biggest supporters.

    Thank you AAA for exposing the truth once again.

  2. Has Fidler denounced Weprin yet?

  3. Are Fidler and Weprin campaigning together?