Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out Of Touch Brooklyn Young Democrats Northern Brooklyn Democrat Blogger Seamus Campbell Tells Southern Brooklyn To Drop Dead.

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The question begs, For the trillions who make this reform minded commentator the undisputed leader in the politics of Brooklyn.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator has returned once again "Introducing", Brooklyn Young Democrook, I mean Democrat blogger, Northern Brooklyn resident Seamus Campbell telling "Southern Brooklyn" to "Drop Dead".

The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman this reform minded commentator can only imagine what the Orthodox Jewish and Russian communities think of this "Young Democrook", I mean Democrat and his "Motley Crue" of Brooklyn Young Democrooks, I mean Democrats.

The question begs, Let's take a look at some of the highlights from this because Seamus Campbell is probably reading this as we speak.

The question begs, From

"Our “friends” on the right, “Politics in Brooklyn” (formerly known as “The Jig Is Up Atlas”) yesterday posted on its blog a post entitled “Keep Bob Turner!

The question begs, What Seamus Campbell really meant to say was...

"Yes I read this blog, and why can't Southern Brooklyn be more like Park Slope or Brooklyn Heights where  they have food co-op's that denounce Israel."

"The blog post pretty much accused Federal Magistrate Judge Roanne L. Mann, who has been characterized as a “very smart, but humorless jurist,” as a Democratic plant that cannot be impartial. I did check, Mann is a registered Democrat."
The question begs, What Seamus Campbell really meant to say was...
"Yes Judge Roanne Mann is a Democrat and I just lost my argument but hey I'm a Democrat so let's overlook that."
"Is AAA (the anonymous blogger behind “Politics in Brooklyn”) claiming that Judge Mann cannot fulfill her oath of office due to her party affiliation? Because that is a very heavy charge."
The question begs, What Seamus Campbell really meant to say was...
"Hey let's attack AAA, because I'm a Northern Brooklyn Democrat and let's avoid the fact I really hate Southern Brooklyn, like I said why can't they just be more like Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights."
The question begs, Truly "Pathetic" to say the least.
"AAA ends his/her/its post quoting (not sure whom) ‘”Southern Brooklyn won’t stand for our communities being told to drop dead for doing what’s right, WE WANT TO KEEP OUR SOUTHERN BROOKLYN CONGRESSMAN BOB TURNER.”‘
The question begs, What Seamus Campbell really meant to say was....
"Yes secretly I am a big fan of AAA's and I just wanted to get some attention since being a fourth string North Brooklyn Democrat isn't really getting me anywhere and off the bench."
"We have a simple answer to them: No."
The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman there you have it speaking on the website of the "Brooklyn Young Democrooks", I mean Democrats, "Out of Touch", "Leftist", North Brooklyn Democrat Seamus Campbell has just told all of "Southern Brooklyn" to "Drop Dead".
The question begs, This reform minded commentator can only wonder what is going through the minds of the likes of "Southern Brooklyn" Democrats such as Assemblyman Dov Hikind and President of the Highway Democratic club Michael Geller...
The question begs, Which is why this reform minded commentator has a message for "Out of Touch", "Leftist", Brooklyn Young Democrook, I mean Democrat blogger and "North" Brooklyn resident Seamus Campbell.
"Thanks for reading this reform minded commentator's blog it's good to know out of touch North Brooklyn residents like yourself feel so strong against giving the good people of Southern Brooklyn the equal representation it deserves."

The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken.


  1. So the Brooklyn Young Democrats told Southern Brooklyn to drop dead?

    Let's say you Lew Fidler will you do the same?

    Kiss, Kiss.

  2. Southern Brooklyn DemocratMarch 7, 2012 at 12:02 PM

    Does Seamus Campbell plan on telling Boro Park, Midwood, and Brighton Beach he wants them to drop dead too?

    Stay tuned...

  3. Which one's the clown again?

  4. It's good to know our leftists North Brooklyn wing nuts think we don't deserve the proper representation we deserve.

    We can only imagine what else they think about us Southern Brooklyn residents.

    God help them.

  5. Oh please, nearly everyone I know in Southern Brooklyn is a liberal, and I am born & raised in Brighton Beach. Who are you people kidding? It's just the only people that actually voted in that little election was old people, and everyone knows Senior Citizens are way more conservative, especially Russian ones. Believe me, if the intelligent people of Southern Brooklyn came out & voted, Bob Turner would not have won. And stop taking is words out of context. This is Brooklyn anyway, the majority will always be liberal, sorry to tell you.