Sunday, March 11, 2012

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani To Endorse David Storobin For State Senate!!!


The question begs, For the trillions who make this reform minded commentator the undisputed leader in the politics of Brooklyn.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator has returned once again with a look at a "Game-Changing" endorsement in the upcoming special election in the 27th Senate District which consists of and or parts of Brighton Beach-Midwood-Sheepshead Bay.

The question begs, It looks like "America's Mayor" is coming "Home" where it counts.

The question begs, From

"Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is set to wade into the March 20th special election to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger and endorse Republican candidate David Storobin, a GOP source told The Politickerthis evening."

The question begs, This reform minded commentator likes this.

"Mr. Giuliani’s expected announcementtomorrow next week comes as Mr. Storobin is seeking to score an upset victory in a district filled with ideologically conservative Democratic voters who may still think rather highly of the former mayor."

The question begs, This reform minded commentator points out former Mayor, "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani received 90 percent of the vote in all three of his elections in Southern Brooklyn and the 27th Senate district.

"Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Storobin have some history. The state senate candidate actually got his start in politics by volunteering for Mr. Giuliani’s mayoral campaign. He described being inspired by spontaneously seeing Mr. Giuliani campaigning in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, something government officials would be disinclined to do in his native Soviet Union."

The question begs, Seeing the greatest mayor who has ever lived, Rudolph W. Giuliani would inspire anyone this reform minded commentator points out.

“I remember walking on 13th Avenue and all of a sudden I see a man speak and realize it’s Rudy Giuliani,” he said in a February interview  with Shimon Gifter. “You can’t really campaign with Jews in the Soviet Union, it’s really going to be politically bad because of the antisemitism there … That impressed me very much because that’s really what I came to the United States for.”

The question begs, This reform minded commentator is glad David Storobin came to the United States.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator is just as glad that the greatest Mayor who has ever lived, "America's Mayor", Rudolph W. Giuliani is endorsing David Storobin for next week's special election in the 27th Senate district.

The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken.


  1. A game-changer indeed.


  2. Storobin's got my vote.