Friday, January 27, 2012

Breaking News: Assemblyman Peter Abbate To Become Assemblyman Peter Chu?

The question begs, For the trillions who make this reform minded commentator the undisputed leader in the politics of Brooklyn.

The question begs, This reform minded commentator has returned once again with "Breaking News".

The question begs, From

"In the Democrat-controlled Assembly, three Asian-majority districts would be created. One would be in Flushing, cutting into the districts of Rory Lancman and David Weprin. The second would be in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and impact the district of Peter Abbate."

The question begs, Ladies and Gentleman not only did the likes of thankfully ex-Brooklyn congressional candidate, "Pinocchio" David Weprin see his own "pathetic" assembly district become "extinct".

The question begs, 13-term Bath Beach-Bensonhurst-Dyker Heights Assemblyman the "Barbarian" Peter Abbate's assembly district has become a thing of the "past".

The question begs, It looks like if the "Barbarian" Peter Abbate wants to be a "14-term" assemblyman he will have to probably change his name to Peter "Chu".

The question begs, Then again maybe the "Barbarian" should go more for the "Fu Manchu" look and less with the "John Liu" photo-op's mixed in with "Kruger".

The question begs, As Always The Truth Has Spoken.


  1. You sure it's not Peter Koo than Peter Chu?

    Kiss, Kiss.

  2. The Leather PenguinJanuary 27, 2012 at 6:42 PM

    So can we expect more photo-op's with Liu and cold-cash from Carl for the barbarian?

  3. Has Abbate changed his last name yet?

  4. What about Colton? I see his district now is close to 40% asian.

    Bill Zhu?